Foz of Flavors



Gastronomy in the tri-point border region is a blend of traditional specialties taken from Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine cuisine, combined with the best of international fare.


Visiting the great restaurants of the border region is an experience that enchants any gourmet. The region’s specialties are dishes based on fish taken from the Paraná and Iguazu Rivers, such as the golden dorado, surubi and pacu, among others. These dishes were inherited from the local Indians that inhabited the region, but over the years have been perfected by chefs brought over or trained by large hotels and restaurants from the border cities.


The gastronomical variety, especially in Foz do Iguaçu, is sure to amaze visitors. The city has over 150 restaurants, of the most varying levels and offering diverse menus. At least a third of these establishments offer cuisine of an international standard. Some of the best and most refined restaurants are located in the leading hotels, but there are great options in a number of the city’s regions.




In Foz, visitors can savor traditional fare from Bahia, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul (with the famed barbecue), as well as international dishes. And there is no lack of the renowned Brazilian feijoada, found even in the most refined hotel restaurants, always served with a caipirinha made with cachaça from Brazil.


If you prefer snacks, there are bars and diners of the most varying standards, at prices that always suit the budget of any person. Simply choose.


In Puerto Iguazú, the hotels also offer cuisine of an international standard. In recent years, a series of restaurants have been established in the city, significantly increasing options for tourists. There, the most traditional dishes are the succulent chorizo steak and traditional parrillada, or barbecue.


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