Foz of Excitement


The word excitement has multiple meanings in the region where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet. Just the views of the Iguaçu Falls make any trip unforgettable, but for those wanting to go further than just enjoying the scenery, there are many options.



Macuco Safari


The Macuco Safari adventure allows tourists to get just a few meters away from the Iguaçu Falls. They will have the indescribable feeling of getting wet in the amazing waterfalls.


The trip is done with inflatable boats, which can each hold 25 people. Before arriving at the port, adventurers ride in an electric jeep and hike through the forest to the riverbank.


The adventure lasts an hour and a half and includes going through the waterfalls, with maneuvers that show the captains' skills.





There are even more exciting opportunities for tourists who want to enjoy experiences in the heart of Iguaçu National Park.


Poço Preto Trail: It is 9 km long, and can be walked or biked (conventional or electric). At the end of the route, a suspension bridge provides access to a rustic 500 meter trail, where a blockhouse that is 10 meters tall offers a panoramic view of the forest, especially Jacaré Lagoon. The return trip is via a twin-motor boat.


Porto Canoas: Short outing, just 20 minutes, that begins and ends at Porto Canoas, to see the upper part of the Falls.


From Porto Canoas it is also possible to access the Bananeiras Trail, the Poço Preto Terminal, Jacaré Lagoon and the Taquaras Archipelago, all of which offer different trips.





Another fun option is a 4 km boat ride down the Iguaçu River; there are four different trips available: two on calm waters and two on rapids. In the calmer areas, you can even swim in the river.


The start of the route is close to the Falls, on the Brazilian side, with a magnificent view of the falling water.



The rapids are considered average level (class III+), open to visitors aged 14 and over.


The rafting trip lasts 30 minutes, in boats with capacities ranging from 8 to 12 people.



Phone numbers: +55 45 3574-4244 / 3529-6262





How about taking in the spectacular view of the border from above? No experience or training is needed to do a tandem jump and enjoy the breathtaking scenery at an altitude of 3,000 meters.


The jump lasts approximately 10 minutes, which is enough time to appreciate the beauty of the border region and understand its geography, a land of two great rivers, each with its own wonders: in Iguaçu, the falls in all their splendor; in Paraná, Itaipu, the power plant that generates the most energy in the world and serves as an example of the integration of two peoples.



The skydiving center operates at Estância Hércules, located near the Itaipu power plant, and includes a runway and comprehensive infrastructure for receiving those interested in going on this adventure.



Phone numbers: +55 45 3027-5070 / 9148-9756

[email protected]



Helicopter Trip


The helicopter trip allows visitors to appreciate and photograph the attractions of Foz do Iguaçu from a very unique angle. This includes Iguaçu National Park and the Falls, of course.

Routes can also include the Tri-Point Border, the Tancredo Neves Bridge, which connects Brazil and Argentina, the Amizade Bridge (Brazil and Paraguay), Itaipu Lake and the power plant itself.



Phone numbers: +55 (45) 3529-7474

E-mail: [email protected]



Trips on the Argentine side


There is a range of options for visiting the attractions on the Argentine side.


Lower Trail - A trail through the forest accesses the lower part of the falls, providing a panoramic view of Devil's Throat. 


Upper Trail - A trail runs over the upper part of the falls. 


Devil's Throat - Access provided by the Waterfall Train, which runs on electricity.  After getting off at Devil’s Throat Station, visitors walk along a walkway that is 1,100 meters long, winding through the islets until arriving in front of Devil’s Throat.


Macuco Trail - Originally, this was a trail used by loggers; it is 3,600 meters long. It provides access to a waterfall that falls from a height of 20 meters. 


Iguaçu Forest- At Iguaçu National Park, the Iguaçu Forest offers a variety of activities, all based on the concept of adventure tourism.

The activities include ziplining, in which tourists slide from one tree to another, down a cable that is 25 meters long, hiking on a 900 meter trail in the forest and rappelling down a 15 meter waterfall.







In both Paraguay and Argentina, gambling is permitted. Thus, there are high class establishments in both Ciudad del Este and Puerto Iguazú.


In Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Hotel Casino Acaray has a resort and international restaurant. It offers roulette, poker, baccarat, black jack and Texas hold 'em. At the Gran Casino Itaipú, the oldest casino on the border, there are four large rooms for classic games, rooms for black jack, Caribbean stud poker, roulette and others.


In Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, the Casino Iguazú is located in a world-class hotel, just 15 minutes away from Foz do Iguaçu. With 1,200 square meters of space, the casino has 30 tables with roulette, black jack, baccarat, poker and dice, along with 200 electronic game machines.



Casino Iguazú -

Hotel Casino Acaray - Phone Number:  +595 (561) 504 -250

Gran Casino Itaipú – + 595 (561) 512-294

E-mail: [email protected]













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