"Believe nothing. Not even what they tell you here. Try it out. Experience it yourself." This is how, through highlighting the Principle of Unbelief, conscientiologists receive visitors in their Cognópolis or "city of knowledge" – cognópolis comes from the Latin word cognitio (to know) and the Greek word pólis (city).


Created by doctor and professor Waldo Vieira, the term conscientiology is the name of the study of conscience in its various forms.  According to conscientiologists, conscience is more than just the physical brain. It transcends existence itself, and accumulates experiences from various lives.


Cognópolis, which has given its name to the neighborhood where it is located, welcomes people who are interested in learning more about conscientiology, as well as regular tourists, who will find a series of attractions, such as the Holoteca ("collection of collections") and the Tertuliarium, where Waldo Vieira himself gives morning lectures every day of the week.


The Cognópolis neighborhood, which was established in 2009, has 7 million square meters of space. Of this total, 1.7 million m2 make up the conscientiology area, which is home to 22 institutions whose focus is studying conscientiology. One of these organizations is Ceaec (Center for High Level Studies of Conscientiology), which was founded by Waldo Vieira in 1995. There are also residential condominiums and permanent environmental preservation areas.


Ceaec brings together nearly 750 volunteers from various areas who are dedicated to studying the evolving conscience, through conducting research and offering the community theoretical and practical courses on a variety of subjects.


The Holoteca (which means "collection of collections" in Greek) is located at Ceaec. Researchers, professors and students can find 850,000 different items there. There are 93,000 books, 6,000 of which are dictionaries, along with collections of sea shells, stamps, coins and everything that represents human knowledge.




You don’t need to schedule a visit to Ceaec. It is open every day (including Sundays) from 9 am to 5 pm. Visitors from Brazil and abroad can visit the campus, which is immersed in nature, along with all the activities conducted there, including the multicultural collections and exhibits.


The Tertuliarium has daily lectures and debates from 9 am to 11 am, with the participation of Waldo Vieira. From 12:30 pm to 6 pm, volunteers present the projects they are developing and participate in discussions. The debates are streamed over the Internet.


In October of 2014, Cognópolis will inaugurate a hotel with 300 beds. The Mabu Interludium Iguassu Convention was built by conscientiology, but it is owned by the Mabu hotel chain. It will be open to visitors and the public in general.



Phone number: +55 (45) 3525-2652

E-mail: [email protected]