Macuco Safari

Have you ever imagined being part of one of the planet's seven most beautiful landscapes? And have you ever imagined being under one of the waterfalls that forms the Iguassu Falls for a quick shower? Macuco Safari offers this unforgettable experience.


Macuco Safari is an adventure trip along the Iguazu River, taking tourist to within a few meters of the spectacular waterfalls.


The adventure begins on solid ground, on the banks of the roadway that cuts Iguassu National Park and ends at the falls observatory. An electric jeep carries visitors to the river edge along a trail, for a distance of three kilometers, passing through native forest.


Along the way, centennial forests, orchids and many plant species only found in the Atlantic Forest. Even wild animals occasionally make an appearance to check on what visitors are up to. The last 600 meters before reaching the Iguazu are traversed on foot.


The boat is boarded via a platform situated on the right banks of the Iguazu River, around 4,000 meters after the Falls. It’s best to leave belongings and documents at the boarding wharf. Plastic bags are handed out to protect video and photographic cameras.


The boats, each with a capacity for 25 people, are equipped with two 150 HP engines, power enough o drive a yacht, but necessary to beat the current of the Iguazu River.


The use of lifejackets is mandatory. On route to the Falls, the boat crew dribbles the current, while tourists enjoy the landscape, which includes an almost constant rainbow, formed from one band to the other.


The path navigated by the boats close to the falls varies according to the flow of the river. With reduced flow, the rapids are more dangerous and the boats are limited to reaching the Três Mosqueteiros Fall. During the rainy season, or when the floodgates of the four hydroelectric plants located on the course of the Iguazu are opened, it is possible to reach the Três Marias Fall, very close to the Devil’s Gorge.


When the boat stops for a few minutes, tourist can enjoy the view and record it with images sure to amaze family and friends upon their return home. From that point, the Falls on the Argentine side are visible.


The boat shoves off once again to commence the most exciting part of the trip, set to the deafening sound of water rushing down basalt cliffs. The boat pilot skillfully moves closer to the falls, showering passengers with falling water, able to tame the heat of the Iguaçu summer, which lasts at least eight months of the year, drawing the most varied reactions from those onboard, almost all amazed and thrilled.


With clothes drenched, after three showers, it is time to return, one and a half hours after the start of the adventure.  One never to be forgotten.