Kenyan takes second title at International Marathon 10.10.2016

Kenyan takes second title at International Marathon

Kenyan national also wins the women's race.


With over 2,500 athletes from all over Brazil and abroad, covering three modalities (individual marathon, doubles relay marathon and a 11.5 km race, all within the boundaries of Iguaçu National Park), the 9th Foz do Iguaçu International Marathon. Staged on September 25, the event was won by 31-year old Kenyan national David Kiprotich Bowen, winner of the 2012 event.


Bowen secured a time of 2h20min40sec and has promised to participate at the next edition, in 2017. In the women's race, Kenya took gold once again. Priscilla Lorchima came in first with a time of 2h47min25sec.


The lead runners set off from the Central Observatory at the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant at 6:30 AM. Close to 9 AM, the first athletes crossed the finish line, at Porto Canoas, in Iguaçu National Park.


 "The toughest part is the rise at the end of the race, but our team trains hard under these types of conditions", said Bowen. But why is it that Kenyans always do so well in long distance marathons? The answer is easy: training "We train very hard and, when you train, you win", said Bowen.


"This is an amazing race that is only possible thanks to the support of Itaipu Binacional, our partner from the very first marathons", stated regional director of Sesc-PR, Mr. Dieter Lengning. "It's not only about the sport, but also the harmony, joy and support for tourism. The Foz marathon is so special due to the venue and because of this international dimension", he concluded.


Itaipu's Superintendent of Social Communication, Mr. Gilmar Piolla, affirmed that the marathon is "a tradition renewed with each year". Going on to say: "it combines two icons of our tourism: the Itaipu Plant and Iguassu Falls".




Despite the marathons, Iguaçu National Park was still be open to visitation, with special operating times. "Our goal is to interfere as little as possible in the visitor's experience", stated Iguaçu National Park's chief, Ivan Carlos Baptiston. "For many people, this is a truly unique moment in their lives". According to him, hosting the marathon calls for the same care as that taken in routine visits to the park.


The 9th Foz do Iguaçu Sesc PR International Marathon is an initiative by Sesc-PR, in partnership with Itaipu Binacional and Foz do Iguaçu City Administration, with the support of the Foz do Iguaçu Employer's Union of Trade Retailers and the Foz do Iguaçu Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Managers, with sponsorship from Caixa Econômica Federal and promotion by RPC.


Tokyo 2020


Wheelchair user Eduardo Aparecido França, 39, from São José dos Pinhais (PR), collects titles in Foz do Iguaçu. This is his fifth edition: he has scored two vice-champion titles and, for the third time running, has taken first place. "I just missed out on making it on to the Brazilian Paralympic team for the Rio Games", says Eduardo, who competes in the 100m, 200m and 10,000m modalities. "I have four years to train and prepare to represent Brazil in Tokyo".


Near champions


Men's runner-up, São Paulo native Sérgio Celestino da Silva, 32, credits his great performance to the tough training with the Cruzeiro team, from Belo Horizonte (MG). "It's one of the strongest teams in the country", he said. "The race is amazing and the landscape simply beautiful". Sérgio completed the marathon in 2h20min48sec (just eight seconds behind the champion).


In the women's competition, runner-up Patrícia Fernanda Lobo, 33, from Maringá (PR), already has her mind set on the next competition. Patrícia, who finished the race in 2h53min06sec, promised to improve her performance in 2017, at the 10th Marathon. "Next year I'll be gunning for the title, I want to do this for the people of Paraná and Brazil. You can quote me on that", she guaranteed. Note taken.




The relay double from Paraná, Wallace Dias Macedo, 24, and Victor Gomes dos Santos, 19, took the top spot in the men's relay. "We were coming second when I took over, but I managed to push the pace and take the lead at kilometer 32", explains Macedo. "The last stage is the hardest, there's a rise that feels like it's never going to end", joked the athlete, who intends to take part in the individual competition in 2017.


Curitiba natives Liliane Azevedo, 32, and Simone Zanini, 29, also took part in the relay. "It's a tough but refreshing course. The secret is not to look at the race as a whole, but to conquer it kilometer by kilometer", said Azevedo, who took the first part of the race, starting at Itaipu.


11.5 km race


Friends Rubia Rabelo Balena, 30, and Camilia de Oliveira Pereira, 28, wanted nothing more than to enjoy the view when passing the observatory at the Iguassu Falls. Participants in the 11.5 km race, the São Paulo natives are used to running, though in quite different settings. "It is a beautiful race, the landscape is breathtaking. There is so much contact with nature, which is very different to São Paulo", states Rubia. "There, everything is concrete", Camila went on to say.


Team Pulsar Racing, a running consultancy from Belo Horizonte, also enjoyed expressive presence in the 11.5 km modality. This year, 35 athletes took part. "We came last year and received such a warm welcome. You can bet we'll be back again next year", promises trainer Márcia Gonçalves.

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