Exhibitions about Nature at the Ecomuseum 07.08.2015

Exhibitions about Nature at the Ecomuseum

Shows on display until September 28.


Until September 28, the Itaipu Ecomuseum will have two art exhibits on display: “Avis per Francisco,” with photographs of regional birds by ornithologist João Batista Francisco, and “Recordações da terra sem mal," by artist Andrés Paredes. The Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.



“Avis per Francisco” is a collaborative exhibit organized by employees from different departments of Itaipu dam. João Batista Francisco works at the binational as a hydrological technician, but he also has a degree in biology and dedicates his freetime to ornithology (the study of birds). Curated by veterinarian Vanderlei de Moraes, who works at Bela Vista Wildlife Refuge, the show features 62 photographs of birds in the region made by Francisco, some of them quite rare.


Also involved in the project are photographer Alexandre Marchetti, from the Itaipu press division, who took photos of João Batista with the birds, and Rene Diomar Fernandes, from the Environmental Action Division, who complements the exhibition with his delicate aerograph works interlacing the photographs and their environments.


Recordações da terra sem mal (Memories from the Land of No Evil)



A well established artist who has shown his work in places like Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Beirut (Lebanon), Singapore (Malay Peninsula), and the Ushuaia Biennial, Andrés Paredes entered the Brazilian market in 2014, with an exhibit at the 12th Gathering of the Cultivando Água Boa program.


His work there, a 5 m diameter mandala and paper cutout panels of waterfalls (inspired by the region’s water and energy), created a set for the gathering’s cultural space. Now Andrés is bringing an expanded version of his creation to Foz do Iguaçu, in a proposal to put humankind back in touch with nature and the memories that make us who we are.




“Avis per Francisco” exhibit by João Batista Francisco, and “Recordações da terra sem mal," by Andrés Paredes.

Date: June 19 to September 28

Location: Itaipu Ecomuseum (Avenida Tancredo Neves, 6001 – Foz do Iguaçu. Telephone: 0800 645-4645)

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Price: R$ 10 (full price) and R$ 5 (half price.. Children aged 0-6 and persons with disabilities. Senior Citizens pay half.

More information: www.turismoitaipu.com.br


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