2016: Cataratas received 741 thousand foreigners 21.03.2017

2016: Cataratas received 741 thousand foreigners

The number is 2.2% higher than in 2015. The number of Brazilians fell by 10.6%.


The number of foreign visitors increased in the Iguaçu National Park in 2016, although the number of Brazilians fell, which contributed to a reduction of 4.9% in the total compared to 2015. There were 1,560,792 visitors last year, compared to 1,642,093 in the previous year.


The fall in the visitation of Brazilians, explained mainly due to the economic crisis the Country is now, reached 10.6%.There were 819,492 in 2016, compared to 916,995 in 2015. But, to partially compensate, the presence of foreign tourists increased: there were 741,300 last year, a growth of 2.2% over the 725,098 foreign visitors who visited the Iguaçu National Park in 2015.


In absolute numbers, the biggest contribution came from Argentina, with 333,355 visitors, 10.4% more than the previous year.But, with 51,306 tourists, Paraguay had the most expressive growth of 23.5%.The presence of French people (31,291 or 6.1% more) and, with little difference over 2015, the number of Spaniards, Chinese, Uruguayans, Israelis and Dutch have increased.


Besides Brazilians, the Iguaçu Falls were visited by tourists from 166 countries on five continents.Among the countries that most send tourists, after Argentina and Paraguay, there is a “relay” in the positions, year by year.But let alone the South American continent, the following are always on the list:US, France, Germany, Spain, England, Japan, China, Australia, Italy and South Korea.


At the bottom of the visitation list in 2016, eight countries participated with only one visitor each:Mali, Palau, Tonga, Rwanda, Maldives, Sierra Leone, Turkmenistan and Laos.


Curiously, in 2015 there were also eight countries with a single visitor each, but in the 2016 list only Turkmenistan and Rwanda appear on the list of lonely tourists (the others in 2015 were Fiji, Yemen, Burundi, Mauritania, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Congo).


The 20 More in 2016


Brazil – 819,492

Argentina – 333,355

Paraguay - 51,306

France – 31,291

US – 30,763

Germany – 27,450

Spain – 24,960

England – 21,204

Italy – 15,046

China – 14,793

Peru – 14,583

Uruguay – 14,246

Australia – 13,844

Japan – 13,127

Chile – 12,086

South Korea – 11,583

Colombia – 10,983

Mexico - 9,142

Israel – 7,944

Netherlands – 7,690

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