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Bird Park

An enchanted world of birds


Created in 1994 by couple Dennis and Anna Croukamp, the Bird Park is a zoo specialized in birds from Foz do Iguaçu that allows visitors to enter aviaries and come into direct contact with over 900 birds from some 130 species, many of them at risk of extinction.


In the extensive aviaries, integrated into the lush and humid subtropical forest, rare and colorful tropical birds fly around in the company of other animals, like alligators, anacondas, pythons, marmosets and multicolored butterflies.


To view the birds, reptile area and butterfly zoo, visitors walk along a paved trail stretching 1,400 meters. At the entrance, guests are welcomed by macaws and parrots, part of a program attempting reproduction.


Each aviary carries a sign with the scientific name and regions of the world where the birds are currently present. Species in extinction are also indicated, as well as those with young.


Inside the aviaries, visitors are in constant contact with the birds. The toucans, for example, which are more accustomed to people, come right up close to visitors, providing great opportunities for photos.

The butterfly zoo, with a huge variety of flowers, is home to home to a myriad of butterfly species and hummingbirds.


The Bird Park, besides catering to visitors, develops and supports a series of research projects aimed at the reproduction of species in captivity, as well as those in the wild.


To achieve reproduction among certain species, researchers employ the most diverse resources. In the case of the flamingo aviary, a number of mirrors, set at angles, give the impression that the population of this bird is far greater. The reason is that flamingos only reproduce in large flocks, but, as the number of individuals is small, the mirrors are aimed at conning nature.


The Park has been successful in reproducing a number of species, among them the Golden Parakeet, on the endangered species list, as well as the Red-tailed Amazon, Toucan, Southern Screamer, Black Crowned Crane, King Vulture and the magnificent Hyacinth Macaw.


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